Reel King Mega Rtp

Reel King Mega RTP is an online slot game that brings players the chance to enjoy classic slot action with modern features. The game has been developed by Red Tiger Gaming and has an RTP of 96.12%. This makes it one of the most rewarding slot games available and one that players can look forward to getting a great return on their investment.

Features and Bonuses of Reel King Mega RTP

Reel King Mega RTP is packed with features and bonuses that make it stand out from other slot games. It features wild symbols, scatter symbols, and free spins, as well as the Reel King feature which is triggered when the Reel King symbol appears on the reels. This will award players with a round of free spins and the chance to win additional prizes. There are also a number of multiplier symbols that can help increase prize amounts.

Human Content of Reel King Mega RTP

The game also offers a unique human content element, with the Reel King himself interacting with players. He will appear on the reels and offer them the chance to win big, with his jovial caricature bringing a lighthearted atmosphere to the game. This interaction with players helps to make Reel King Mega RTP one of the most engaging and fun slot games available.

Exciting Gameplay

Reel King Mega RTP offers players an exciting and rewarding experience. The game has a fast-paced and enjoyable gameplay, with the reels spinning quickly to give players the chance to win big. The symbols have been carefully designed to give a classic slot feel, while the modern features bring an added level of excitement to the game.

Generous Payouts

The game’s generous payout structure means that players can look forward to getting a great return on their investment. With the Reel King feature offering the chance to win additional prizes, and the multiplier symbols giving players the chance to multiply their wins, Reel King Mega RTP is one of the most rewarding slot games available.

High Quality Graphics

Reel King Mega RTP features high quality graphics that bring the game to life. The classic slot symbols have been given a modern twist, while the background is a vibrant and colourful display that adds to the atmosphere of the game. This helps to make the game immersive and engaging, with players able to enjoy a classic slot experience with a modern twist.

Mobile Play

Reel King Mega RTP can be enjoyed on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game wherever they are. The game has been optimised for mobile devices, ensuring that the graphics and gameplay remain of the highest quality regardless of the device it is being played on.


Reel King Mega RTP is a great online slot game that offers players an entertaining and rewarding experience. With the game’s high RTP, generous payouts, and a range of exciting features and bonuses, it is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular slot games available. With its high quality graphics, engaging gameplay, and mobile compatibility, it is easy to see why Reel King Mega RTP has become a firm favourite with players worldwide.